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At HICKIES, we believe that the world was not created for someone to stay in the same place. Culture and food and history was not made in Asia for you to stay only in California. We believe that the world should be explored, history should be questioned and that you should never stop learning. 



With that said, we would love to share a few tips for backpacking with our readers and fans. 


First and foremost, replace your boring shoelaces with HICKIES. It makes going through airport security easier and quicker, plus you will never miss a single moment exploring because of your shoes coming untied. 



When backpacking, make sure you don't over pack. We recommend that you pack one backpack. If you are staying in hostels for example, you don't want to over pack as you will be moving around and staying at different places more than you might think.


We know this might be hard for some people to hear, but try not to over pack with clothes, especially if you're doing a cross country tour or country hopping in Europe. Bring one pair of shoes, a couple of t-shirts, one pair of shorts and one pair of pants. You will just have to do laundry a lot in a sink. Just buy some detergent and wash your clothes in the sink, then hang your clothes to dry. If you are really lazy, you can shower with your clothes on and rub a bar of soap on your shirt and pants. We highly recommend washing your clothes in the sink though. 



These are just a few tips we wanted to share with our fans about back packing and traveling. Remember, the world was created to be explored, not to stay in one place. 


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