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Laces? Straps? Lacing system? Can you explain?

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While HICKIES don’t look like shoelaces, they do work in a similar way to secure your sneakers, while giving you superior fit and comfort. But since they are so unique, we don’t always just call them “laces”—sometimes you’ll see “lacing system” and “straps” used interchangeably. So here’s how it works: HICKIES laces are laces, just a new and different kind, so that’s why we call them “laces.” We use “straps” because that’s what the HICKIES lacing system is made up of: 10-14 straps (depending on whether you buy a pack for kids or adults) that you weave through the eyelets of your shoes and clasp together. Since straps are shorter and connect at more points, they aren’t long and continuous like laces you’re used to putting in your shoes. Our “lacing system” is how the straps come together, forming your perfect fit and adapting to your every move.

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