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What are HICKIES?

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This is our favorite question! HICKIES laces are an alternative to regular, tale-as-old-as-time shoelaces. They aren’t made from fabric or nylon or a woven textile that will absorb any wetness that it encounters. They’re made from flexible rubber called thermoplastic elastomer. The rubber part means they’re moisture-wicking, so you won’t come home with sopping wet laces after a run in the rain. The flexible part means HICKIES can bounce and stretch, just like you do, without losing their form or elasticity. . There’s no need to tie them every time you put on and take off your shoes because they’re secured with durable clasps that you won’t have to reconnect every time you wear your sneakers. Just slip them on, slide them off, and get going.Plus, you can install HICKIES any which way to give you the perfect fit—HICKIES are made to adapt to you.

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